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Urban Development in Urduliz

Municipality of Urduliz (Public Promoter)

Municipal area: 7.8 km²
Population: 3,930 inhabitants 
Residential urban land use: 360,710.70 m²
Residential developable land: 302,005.40 m²
Commercial urban land use: 225,664.79 m²
Commercial developable land: 32,498.00 m²

Urduliz is a town on the outskirts of Metropolitan Bilbao which has undergone a moderate urban development process. Because of the progressive growth and the aggradation of land close to the river of Bilbao, the construction of the Metro, and the provisions of territorial planning at a regional level, such as the Partial Territorial Plan, the urban area of Urduliz is in need of major transformation in proportion to its size, which is planned by the Master Plan.

With the provisions set out in the Master Plan, the urban area of Urduliz acquires a consistent urban structure which is to be integrated into the structure of the metropolitan area of Bilbao.