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Residential Complex of 120 Houses in Solozarre

Moldis Echarro (Private Promoter)

Urban development area: 79,298 m²
Public surface: 62,272 m²
Residential buildable area: 15,810 m²
Number of houses: 120
Urban development cost: € 3,865,423
Building construction built: € 19,762,650

The project proposes the development of a residential area promoted by the private sector, destined to serve for the demand of a various residential typology (social housing, non-regulated dwellings, isolated Single Family Housing, etc…). It is proposed to complete the existing urban structure in the town, providing the necessary infrastructures and resources for attending, not only the demands of the population of this new development, but also to alleviate certain existing deficiencies in the Municipality. It has been conceived as a high quality environment, where 78,5% of its surface is destined to public transfers, highlighting the design of a riparian area of 28.740 square meters and a utility for public sport of 28.740 square meters.