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Plan General de Ordenación Urbana de Santurzi

Ayuntamiento de Santurtzi (Promotor Público)

Municipal area: 6.8 km²
Population: 47,040 inhabitants 
Residential land use: 1,210,444.11 m²
Residential developable land: 336,446.12 m²
Commercial land use: 183,104.02 m²
Commercial developable land: 68,094.72 m²

The Master Plan (PGOU) establishes the urban development of the municipality of Santurtzi for the coming years. In a consolidated municipality such as this one, the plan combines forecasts of localized growth with regeneration and revitalization actions in existing areas that require transformation.

The urban planning has to take into consideration all the requirements of the municipality and satisfy the needs of the population regarding housing, commercial activity, public and private installations, transport, leisure and recreation, etc. Furthermore, these needs have to be compatible with the existing territorial infrastructures of the municipality of Santurtzi, especially the Port of Bilbao.