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Plan Especial Rehabilitación Casco Histórico de Areatza

Ayuntamiento de Areatza (Promotor Público)

Population of Areatza: 1,211 inhabitants
Management area: 57,436 m²
Buildings with overall residential use: 99
Buildings with other uses: 2 
Buildings used as utilities: 14
Vacant buildable plots: 12

The historic quarter of Areatza has been declared a Heritage of Cultural Interest under the classification of National Monument by the Department of Culture of the Basque Government. In this area, there are also many elements that are a part of the historical and artistic heritage of the community. 

Given their age, some of these historical elements require improvement and must be adapted to present-day needs. The Special Plan of Action aims to promote such renovation, bearing in mind that it preserves national heritage, but, at the same time, through urban regeneration it guarantees the maintenance of the cultural values of heritage by establishing strict urban planning regulations.