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Special Plan of Action for the Protection and Conservation of Gorliz beach

Department of the Environment of the Provincial Council of Biscay (Public Promoter)

Management area of Special Plan of Action: 258,576.53 m²
Estimated cost: € 1,949,000

Gorliz is a town located on the west coast of Biscay and approximately 30 km away from Bilbao. It has an excellent beach of great natural and ecological value and attracts a large number of visitors and activities. Noteworthy of the facilities is the hospital, located on the waterfront.

These factors have led to a change in the sensitive ecosystem of the beach and its sand dune system, which are of unique natural value in Biscay. In this context, a Special Plan of Action for urban development is elaborated in order to provide coverage for the natural environment of the beach of Gorliz, such as the removal of urban features which cause environmental damage and delimiting activities in sensitive areas so that the sand dune ecosystem may, once again, occupy its proper space.