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Industrial & Business Park in Muskiz

Viuda de Sainz. (Private Promoter)
2008 – 2010

Net developable area: 59,667.90 m²
Residential buildable area: 44,645.40 m²
Urban development cost: € 2,763,763.44
Buildings development cost: € 20,617,276.11

Both building and urbanizing, conceived as an industrial and business centre, the project promotes the most valuable elements (landscapes, streams, forested masses, etc) and providing the future activities with an adequate level of facilities and services. Located 20 km away from the urban centre of Bilbao, and close to the big transport corridors in the north of Spain, this development is conceived as an industrial and business center, in order to provide future activities with an adequate level of facilities and services (In the image you can appreciate its closeness to the oil refinery Petronor, which belongs to Repsol). Among the design criteria, the importance of integrating the existing natural elements into the new development was considered, taking advantage of the topography of the area in order to obtain the biggest buildable area as possible. A large number of industrial buildings were built, most of them conceived as big containers with a structure and enclosure made of prefabricated concrete, and a single building intended to hold offices, and with specific characteristics to allow its integration into the urban space.