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Gernika Technology & Industrial Park

Municipality of Gernika (Public Promoter)

Net developable area: 217,200 m²
Residential buildable area: 17,300 m²
Number of houses: 173
Surface area for economic activities: 93,350 m²
Surface area for public equipments: 32,600 m²
Development cost: € 126,000,000

Gernica is a town in the Basque country with a high emotional component, due to the fact that it suffered the first bombing in history against civilians, converting the city into a symbol of peace through Pablo Picasso’s masterpiece put on display at the Universal Expo in Paris that same year. This resulted in the growth and development of the city within the Basque country, although it was later converted into an industrial city with a chaotic evolution. This project seeks to revert this situation, proposing the development and regeneration of the urban space between the city and its ring road. New spaces have been created, conceiving residential areas in continuity with the urban structure, green areas and a new industrial structure along the road side.