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Desarrollo Urbanístico área exterior del Aeropuerto de Bilbao

Forcat 89 SL y Varela (Promotor Privado)

Management area: 340,059.67 m²
Maximum buildable surface: 255,044 m²
Maximum volume: 1,700,295 m³
Maximum occupancy of the buildings: 136,023 m²
Estimated cost: € 22,280,665

Bilbao Airport is situated in a valley separated from the city by low hills and connected by roads with tunnels. In this valley, there is a large number of urban and business areas that are dispersed, such as the Technology Park of Zamudio.

Taking advantage of the closeness to the airport and favourable land conditions, a new business area is proposed in the outdoor spaces, combining mixed typologies for mainly technological and logistic use.