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Cruise Terminal – Getxo (Biscay)

BILBAO PORT AUTHORITY, Ministry of Foment and Public Works

Port land area developed: 30.000 m²
Passenger boarding bridges and dockers area: 6.000 m²
Building construction cost estimated: € 10,000,000

1st place in the competition

In order to improve the services for cruise passengers, the Bilbao Port authority was planning to build a new port cruise terminal, which has been in operation since 2015. Initially there was an operating terminal over 1700 square meters which used to allow 70 cruises and 70.000 passengers attend per year, and with this new building these rates were extended up to 200 cruises and 200.000 passengers. The specific focus of this project is basically the same of any other cruise terminal, giving priority to the transfer of passengers and luggage as well as controlling the access of the ships.

The program includes several areas such as a luggage check-in and collection rooms, waiting rooms, police area and tourist office; and it has also been necessary to rearrange the area of the platform of the port in order to include parking areas for visitors and employees.